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Frequently Asked Questions

A very subjective question in our opinion. This really comes down to what you’re after and also what you use your broadband for? Are you an online gamer or a tv streamer needing the quickest speeds and download limits. Or maybe you’re just a casual browsers asking the odd informative question on a search engine ever now and then.

Oh yes, very easy, and to make it easier we’ll do all the work for you. You will need to check with your current broadband provider first that you’re not tied into a contract and if you are you’ll need to know what the clause is to leave this contract – sometimes it comes at a cost. So worth knowing before switching.

Your broadband speed is what determines how fast or slow you are able to upload or download data using your connection. Similar to what we explained before this is subjective to what you use your broadband for and also how much you are planning to use it. We’re a fan of Deadfast Broadband here, but we know that isn’t the case for everyone which is why our tailored offers cater for this.

 The cost of your new tariff is the first thing to consider, is it right for you and can you afford the monthly payments. Next you’ll need to look at your current contract/ provider, is there an exit fee?

Additional cost some providers may ask for include, set-up fees, router costs and potentially and upfront charge (which usually includes any of the other set-up fees)

Oh yes! Your current provider should be more than happy to allow you to keep your phone number, in fact Ofcom regulations back this up. Just be sure to ask both providers before making the switch.